Thursday, March 3, 2011


okay, okay, i'm sure you're not surprised that i'm writing about adoption today, on baby Sam's due date.  i can't even think about anything else, i'm so excited i'm having an asthma attack.  (i'm a happy wheezer.)
i was so thrilled to run across this verse in my morning reading today.  the closer we get to the adoption, the more in love i am with the fact that God has adopted us.
you know how people say they never understood their parents' love for them until they had children?
well, i've never understood God's love for us this much until we began this adoption.

here are my thoughts about it.
1) His pleasure and will.  - it makes Him happy to adopt us, and He wanted to do it.  it was His decision, flowing out of His radiant love.  just in the way that patrick and i have longed for a child, so God longs to bring us into His family.
2) adoption to sonship. - we're adopted into His family the same way little Sam will be adopted into our family - completely, wholly, as a son.  we will be his parents and he will be our son. although there will be a historical difference to how he came into our family, there will be no legal or practical difference between his presence in our family and any other child's.  wow - that's how God sees us.
3) He cares for us completely. - in just the same way that we've been praying for Sam and want to be the very best, dearest, most wholesome and godly of parents for him, God cares for us utterly.  that means He makes decisions in our best interest even if it hurts Him (like Calvary).
4) He doesn't count the cost.  the joy of adopting us as sons is worth every drop of blood He poured out. -  i never really understood this before.  but as we pay for this adoption, it's increasingly clear to me - the cost is worth it - more than worth it. 

so, hurray for God and His huge heart!  we're adopted as sons - cherished and loved and welcomed with all the joy Heaven contains.


  1. thanks for writing this, dear heart. you totally rockl.

  2. Just want you to know that we're praying for you both at this time of waiting for baby and all the paperwork to follow. Whatever it entails it will be worth it a million times over! Adopting is incredible, even if it completely stretches your heart during the times of waiting and wondering. 'Be still and know that I am God'

  3. Dearest Janelle, my heart is bursting with excitement, anticipation, joy and pride. You are so eloquent. God has truly given you a gift. Isn't it amazing how God uses all the details of our life to teach us more about Himself and to bring us into an intimate relationship with Him?!! Thank you for such a great perspective.

  4. Beautiful thoughts Janelle! I'm sure you and Patrick will make wonderful parents. Can't wait to hear of the news! Praying for a safe delivery of little Sam.


  5. Dear Janelle,
    What a beautiful writing. Love it ..... and it's so true. When we look at things from God's perspective, we are always in awe. You brought it out beautifully. You and Pat will be wonderful parents. You are most privileged that God has chosen you to be the parents of little Sam. What a blessed little boy. Waiting with bated breath for the imminent arrival of this little fellow. I am sure you are thrilled and on pins and needles. Love you. Tante Doe. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  6. when my sister spoke about how she should never have come to thunder bay and said she should go back to British Columbia, i told her god wanted her here for a reason.

    and im glad that reason turned out to be sam :) <3

  7. Janelle~Yes it's true. Adoption is very close to the heart of God. If it were not for adoption...where would we be? So happy Sam is here and praying for a smooth road ahead as everything gets sorted out.