Sunday, April 10, 2011


yesterday i had a howly day.  i cried to the Lord for help, for comfort, for guidance.

and He said ... rejoice always.

so i sat down with my journal and started making a list of things i'm grateful for.  two pages later, i realized that He has blessed me abundantly, and i can rejoice today, even though everything on my howl-list is still there.

a few of the things i'm grateful for ...

1) God's word and His voice - how assuring to hear Him speak.
2) patrick and his midnight sam-wrangling.
3) sam, our miracle-baby.
4) a peaceful country to live in.
5) food.
6) fresh water.
7) springtime. (i saw pussywillows on friday!)
8) parents who pray for us.
9) friends who love us.
10) naps.  *happy sigh*

i know i've made lists like this before, and they probably have the same things on them ... but i keep needing reminders to count my blessings.  sorry for the repeat :)


  1. i love you, Toedrinks Poopyhair ;)
    wanna know what's on my list?
    1. you. because you're freakin' awesome at being a wife and momma.
    2. our sweet little pad. because it's so cozy. and our new little bar counter rocks(thanks R&A)
    3. our sweet friends in this groovy town.
    4. being done school
    5. baby sam. (these aren't ordered by preference, just as i think of them.)
    6. that you blog. and write. (love your figment stories)

  2. Oooooh...naps. Yes, naps are a momma's best friend! And we do need these lists often (they need to be often more than they need to be comprehensive) - (actually, same with naps!)

    I find I need to be reminded often that those little doubts, like..."You're just in this situation because of choices you've made," and "If only you'd done that differently, everything would be perfect," and "God might have a plan for your life, but you've messed it up, so you need a time-out first"...those doubts are from the EVIL ONE! God DOES have a plan for me and He is NEVER caught unawares by anything I do. No matter my situation, God is my Father and LOVES me and wants the best for me. EVERYTHING He gives me is GOOD. Yes, this was the reminder I needed this week - I need it often :)