Sunday, April 17, 2011

sam & i discuss manners

sam is, overall, a very mannerly little baby.  at seven weeks, he has never yet been guilty of leaving the toilet seat up, using inappropriate language, or chewing with his mouth open.

this morning, however, we had to have a little discussion about some of the finer points of ettiquette.

while he is clearly attuned to our cultural bent toward multitasking, he hasn't yet learned when it is acceptable and when it is not.  i told him this morning that while his attempt at doing two things at once was admirable, most people agree that a pooping breakfast is taking things a little too far.

again, he shows a remarkable understanding of responsibility - he was trying to clean up after himself today.  and while i applaud his efforts, i think he should wait until he has better hand-eye coordination.  Emily Post would advise that it is not perhaps the best form to clean up one's vomit with one's face. 

as for belching in public, i think we'll tackle that one another day.

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