Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a remnant weak & small

isaiah 10.  God compares the mighty & proud people to a huge forest, which He will cut down.  and instead He will honour those who have trusted in Him, not in themselves.  those who have been humbled, who are not mighty and not strong.

did i ever need to read this today.

in the middle of the night, i found myself getting a drink from the fridge ... with my toes.  i was feeding a freaking-out little sam, and had the driest mouth, and needed a drink.  my hands were busy so it had to be my feet.  it made me realize how unimportant i have become in my own life (which is, i know, a good thing - but no easier to swallow for all that).

then, this morning, i was feeding sam again and suddenly was covered in poop.  i thought i had it all cleaned up, but when i sat down for my morning coffee, what did i find?  poop in my hair.

my hair.  ToeDrinks and PoopyHair.   this is my new standard of living.

so it was overwhelmingly comforting to read that God has chosen to place His Name among the humble.  those who are weak and small and smell like poop.  He does not honour the mighty, but chooses the weak things of this world to show His glory.
i am not a mighty cedar.  i am a weak branch, struggling daily to abide in Him.  i don't look good, feel good, or smell good.  there is no glory in me.

yet He has chosen me (ToeDrinks, PoopyHair) to bear His Name.  He has set His love upon me, bears me upon His shoulders.  He numbers me among His people.  because His mercy is great and His love is deep.


  1. hey ToeDrinks Poopyhair. i love you ;)
    say hi to all the other hobbits.

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  3. Patrick - you and I must be related - that's exactly what I was going to say!!

  4. Oooooh, getting drinks with your toes. Hmmmm....I bet all the moms out there could think of crazy things we've done (that we never thought we would) since becoming a mom. I remember being handed a half-eaten something in a place with no garbage....yeah, popped it in my mouth :)