Saturday, August 25, 2012

a grocery store story

tonight i was grabbing a few groceries in superstore, and i totally stopped in front of the ice cream cooler, unable to look away.  no, it wasn't the double churned breyers that snagged my eye, or the $3 markdown.

there was a little drama unfolding that broke my heart.

there was a mom, a grown-up daughter, and (i think) the daughter's husband.

the mom was huge-eyed at the ice cream.  'look at the price!' she pointed.

the son-in-law rolled his eyes and walked away.  the daughter stepped away from her mom, but didn't quite leave.  the mom looked up at her, excitement fading.

'why don't you pick out the one you want,' the daughter said, a slight chill in her voice.  'i'm going to get the margarine.'

and i just felt like i'd read a short story, where the whole awkward relationship was distilled in a few revealing seconds.

i could just see the backstory - the mom, coming from out of town for a visit with her big-city daughter, not sure of her place and a little insecure.  (at my last glance, she was tugging uncomfortably at her shirt - something didn't fit right.) the new husband enduring a visit from that most-dreaded species.  the awkward silences.  the uncomfortable meals.  the daughter, seeing her mom through the critical new eyes she married. 

ow.  it made my heart hurt.

i'm probably imagining it all, i know i'm chock-full of pregnancy hormones and have an overdeveloped scenario complex as it is.

but it made me really glad for the awesome relationship between patrick and my mom.  i saw the scene unfold with three new players - patrick, me, and my awesome mom.  and it went so differently.

'ooh look at the price!' mom would say.  and patrick would find out what kind she liked, and grab it.  and then at the cash, mom would try to grab it back and pay for it.  patrick would stubbornly refuse.   and eventually one of them would win.

and me? i would really win, because i am the luckiest girl in the world.  i have the best husband, and the best mom, and they love each other.  (Thank you, God!)

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  1. No, I am sorry! I beg to differ. I am the luckiest woman in the world! I have the best family, in-laws included! I love being a part of something so special!!!