Wednesday, August 22, 2012

goodbye bad tech!

i asked my midwife if i could be sent to another ultrasound clinic, and told her about the bruising.  she was furious with the tech, and knew who he was before i described him.  turns out, she's filed complaints about him before.  we're filing another one.

i love her.

so i don't have to see him again.  i'm so relieved!  and i'll have a nice calm appointment on friday at a different clinic altogether. 

here's hoping vava isn't afraid of this one, and turns over to say hello :).


  1. Wouldn't it be funny if she did!?!

    1. hehehe. she very reluctantly - veeerrrry reluctantly - turned in his direction. but she definitely didn't say hi. i can't wait to hold her and see her face <3

  2. This is a wild story... with 3 pregnancies I have never ever had or heard of such a thing! Definitely not the way it should go! Glad you are filing a complaint. I would try and go right to the top with the issue -not just to the clinic that hired him but to the college that liscensed him! Mary