Tuesday, October 30, 2012

dear patrick

good morning, darling.
i'm sitting here on the couch.  sam is napping, and so is vava.  i should be doing the dishes, or putting away the toys that have hurricaned our living room, or tossing laundry into the washer.
but you see, our snuggly little girl is curled up on my chest, and the sweet warm weight of her is irresistible.  i can not find the strength to leave this spot for something as prosaic as chores.
i know you're coming home early today.
when you get here, i'll let you be her couch, and i'll get something done.
until then, know that i'm sitting here loving our family with all the fireworky joy you can imagine.  and i'm so glad that God has chosen me to belong with all of you.



  1. She's gorgeous!!! And don't even think about getting off the couch - enjoy every minute and without an ounce of guilt! So happy for you guys! xoxo

  2. Oh, I love the photo! Vava's so cute! The note to Patrick is very sweet - you put off doing the chores so eloquently :D