Tuesday, October 2, 2012

birthday present

i got a really nice birthday present this morning :)

the past 2 nights i've been up with contractions, which never seem to make it past the morning.  they just come at night to keep me company in bed, i guess.  and last night they were so close together - 5 minutes apart, 1 minute in duration - i almost called my midwife, but they stopped.


so when patrick woke up for work this morning, i was cranky, exhausted, and had a killer headache ... and a big sad contractionless heart.  i did NOT want to get up with sam and be cheerful-morning mom.  i wanted to stay in bed and pretend everything would work well without me.  (haha he's 18 months.  who was i kidding?)

instead of getting up and preparing his breakfast, i just laid in bed and cried a little, and fell asleep.  i knew i'd wake up when he squawked ... 

and i did!  two hours later!  that's right - my amazing little gem slept an extra two hours, just when i needed it.

thank you, God.
i love you too.


  1. Aww... everything is amazing with sleep, isn't it? Praying your little Vava comes really soon!


    1. ahh yes, sleep transforms things :) i am so glad to hear that you guys are all ticking along on the eastern time zone - living upside down can be wearing. thanks for your prayers, lovely!