Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy unbirthday

turns out, i didn't get a baby for my thirtieth birthday.  and while i'm going crazy with waiting, i'm kind of glad.

i've been so focused on meeting her, on holding her, on getting her, that i forgot something.

it's not about me getting a daughter. (and oh, she will be so much more than my daughter.  and i can't wait to see who she is and what she does.  all the silly and funny and wonderful and hard decisions she will make. and all those seeds of glory are planted in her already.)

it's about her.  it's about her new and bursting life.  it's about God bringing a new person into the world.   it's her beginning.

it's not my event at all.

and if she needs a few more days of snuggling in blissful contractiony warmth before she's ready to take on the world - i'm on it.


  1. I Love the thought of this... I can't wait to see pictures of you holding your precious baby girl - an answer to many prayers. Sam is going to be such a proud big brother! Such blessings :)
    Excited for you!!

    1. thanks janna :D we will share pics as soon as we can! so excited to introduce her to our world(especially sam) <3 .

  2. You have such a neat way of turning disappointments into a positive. You're right, when Vava makes her appearance she will so ready!

    Mama C

  3. "It's not my event at all."

    Oooh, that gave me shivers. You're right, though who can blame you for being excited? :D