Tuesday, December 11, 2012

and God saw that it was good.

dear friend.

you're walking a hard road.

a good road.

a God road.

and while it's possible

that the night's sorrow will last long,

and your heart won't throb with the deep joy it was made for until that great morning,

i pray that the assurance of His presence

and the comfort of His hand in yours

and the hope - the sure hope -

of hearing His glad 'well done!'

will be enough, and more than enough

to light you through the dark 'til then.


  1. and mine. Although showered with blessing upon blessing, I am still a bit jealous of those who are "laid to rest." Is that weird? I'm just so tired.

    1. not weird at all. our new hearts are made for heaven, and they're always hungrily longing for home ... as my wise and beloved sister once told me. <3

    2. ooh, favourite hymn - heaven is my fatherland. makes me cry every time, right on these lines: there with the good and blest / those i've loved most and best / i shall forever rest / heaven is my home.
      they sang it at grampie's funeral. i think i've been wanting to be there ever since he left.