Wednesday, December 5, 2012

twenty-one months

sam at 21 months: he is a busy, energetic, sporty little monkey, and rarely snuggles for more than 5 seconds at a time, but every day i am astonished to see the ways in which he is learning to be deliciously sweet.

last night, he & patrick & i were playing tag and having a tickle fight.  patrick pinned me and i was squawking, trying not to get tickled.  sam looked so concerned, and pushed his way past papa to wrap his arms around my neck and make sure everything was okay.

yesterday, vava was crying.  sam gently patted her head and whispered 'shhhh' and gave her a kiss (then he said 'all done' and pushed her away, but the dearness was definitely there!).

this morning we ran out for some groceries.  at the store, he took anything i passed him and placed it in the cart.  i gave him a fist bump, and he came at my fist with his teeth to bite me.  "be gentle," i reminded him, and he turned his bite into a kiss and a pat.

when we came home, i did what i usually do and popped vava (in her carseat) inside the house, and left sam in the porch so he could watch me bring in the groceries.  every time i came up the steps, he tried with all his might to open the door for me.

yes.  in spite of the many days i feel like we're just surviving from breakfast to bedtime, and don't know if i've taken the time to teach sam, he really is learning.  important things, like how to show kindness and love and to think about others.

seeing my son develop qualities like thoughtfulness and care absolutely blows my mind.

and the best part?  i know exactly how he's learning these.  patrick is so kind and takes such good care of us all.  sam tries to copy him whenever he can.  i'm so grateful that he has such an incredible papa to imitate. <3 p="p">


  1. He is a little darling. And adorable. And he has awesome parents. :)

  2. So sweet... and give yourself a little credit Janelle - we know you!! He's learning his gentle and kind ways from you too :) :)