Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1591 to 1600

1591. Finally spilling the beans on Facebook about ...
1592. The baby the baby the baby!
1593. Sam making noise at naptime. I ask him to be quiet so Vava could sleep ... he keeps on talking, but covers his ears.
1594. Vava dancing to the page-turning music in her audio book.
1595. Both kids falling asleep in my arms (not at the same time).
1596. Day 1 of April's poetry challenge.
1597. Dancing with the kids before bed.
1598. Patrick doing the dishes.
1599. Patrick being Patrick.
1600. Patrick loving me ♥.


  1. Poetry challenge....share your poems with me!!!

  2. Check out my poetry blog www.threewheelwonder.blogspot.com !