Friday, April 11, 2014

1681 to 1690

1681. Getting the garbage to the curb on time.
1682. Playgroup fundate!
1683. Sam declaring "so happy now!" when we pulled in to Little Giants.
1684. Taking the kids to see Patrick at work.
1685. Beautiful miss Vava rocking Sam's old motorcycle jacket.
1686. An unexpected phone call from my brother ... and Sam thinking it was Grampie's voice he heard :).
1687. Sam being so excited to buy a new Percy-train he couldn't eat or drink.
1688. Sam referring to the dump as the dump truck.
1689. Getting rid of a whole bunch of broken junk and stuff!
1690. "There's two-a-dem!" Sam's comment on Vava making a friend her size at the store. ♥

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