Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1661 to 1670

1661. Seeing my sleepy face first thing in the morning, a worried Sam asking "you okay mama?"
1662. The sun wreaking havoc with the snow :).
1663. My kids rejoicing in the slush puddles and lighter jackets.
1664. Going to see the trains and finding a moving one when we arrived.
1665. My brave kids walking through waist-deep snow to play on the slides.
1666. The way Vava cries at coming inside, no matter how long we spend outside.
1667. Vava blowing kisses at the airplanes overhead.
1668. Sam shoveling the back deck, a few icy chunks at a time.
1669. Tackling the back stairs with Patrick.
1670. Relaxing with cookies and milk.

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