Friday, May 9, 2014

1961 to 1970

1961. Vava naming letters and singing the alphabet to herself.
1962. Sam standing in the porch, saying goodbye to Patrick, hair tousled and wearing pyjamas.
1963. Sam, hands on his hips, surveying the collection of puddles, "hmm, I guess it rained."
1964. Vava sobbing because she had to come inside after an hour playing in the mud with friends.
1965. Vava giving me two kisses when I asked for one.
1966. Patrick surprising me with kisses in the middle of the day.
1967. My mother's day present: The Nesting Place.
1968. Sam telling his friend "thank you for come Sam's house, pwees come 'gain soon!"
1969. Patrick tearing the paneling and studs off our basement walls.
1970. Toasted marshmallow mochas while we played at the park.

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