Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2061 to 2070

2061. Banana pancakes with my love and our boogery kids.
2062. Vava wearing her bear suit and tutu around the house - simultaneously.
2063. Texting with my sis.
2064. Patrick taking Vava for a quick drive while I tried to help Sam nap.
2065. Getting the bathroom scrubbed early because Patrick was home all day :).
2066. Being married 8 years today!
2067. Homemade iced tea ... weirdly, it's the only thing I can taste with this cold.
2068. Kleenex with lotion.
2069. Vava's little cough sounding like a fox's bark.
2070. My reliable man, taking care of us all so well. ♥

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