Sunday, May 25, 2014

2101 to 2110

2101. Sleeping in this morning.
2102. Sam's hilarious wake-up call: he comes into my room with his toy pterodactyl screeching, smiles sweetly at me, says goodnight, and leaves, locking the door on the way out.
2103. Coming downstairs to find Patrick hanging clothes on the line.
2104. Vava so excited to wear a dress.
2105. Sitting next to a sweet old lady at church.
2106. New, much-needed gorgeous sunglasses.
2107. Sam & Vava being so excited to see the kites at the kite festival.
2108. Vava calling kites "cats".
2109. Making homemade yogurt drinks for my tired, napless babes.
2110. Patrick's comment when we were watching Nanny 911 ... "this gives me so much hope that we're doing something right."  ♥

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