Friday, December 16, 2016

Potted Plants

A friend of mine shared an article today, about potted-plant parenting. It talks about the way that our kids need us to be present, physically present in the background of their lives even when they're growing in independence and don't have anything to say to us or need anything from us.  We add value and security just by being there.

It's such a simple and beautiful analogy, and I remember when I was a teenager feeling exactly that way - feeling like things were right when my parents were puttering around in the house, but missing them and feeling a little lost when they were gone.

I'm old and have kids of my own now, but I still feel that way about mom and dad. They're comforting and beautiful and my life is better because they're in it.  Their conversation and presence is like oxygen.

I don't know about you, but I find myself daily humbled by my own children. I didn't know how much my parents loved me and cared for me and how much hard work they poured into my upbringing until I had kids of my own. 

When God sent Jesus, hope of the world, He planted Him right in the care of a mama and a papa who would keep Him safe, care for him, love him.  Jesus is His gift to the world, but Mary and Joseph were His gift to Jesus.

Mom and Dad: thank you for loving us so much. For visiting us. For taking care of us. For just being here. 

Merry Christmas, friends.
Phone your parents and tell them you love them.

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