Friday, December 2, 2016

The Best Time of the Year

I woke up this morning, so incredibly excited.
After five and a half loooong days, Patrick is finally coming home.

I just cannot wait to see him.

At first I missed him because I missed what he does.  We have fun together, we're best friends, and I missed having him around to talk to.  And as the week went on, I missed him for his hard work around the house, for his tireless coparenting, and because it's pretty darn hard to run into the store to grab a gallon of milk when four little people have to come with me.  Yeah.  I miss the convenience of having him.

But all day today I've just been missing him for him.
Not because he makes my life easier, happier, tidier, better (which he does SO well). But I just miss him.

I miss sharing laughs with him over something funny the kids do.  I miss his thoughtful perspective and talking things through with him.  I miss kissing him goodbye in the morning through the mad scramble of getting everyone ready and out the door.  I miss texting back and forth and popping in to his work with coffee.  I miss him.

And tonight, he's coming HOME!!!

It's funny - I heard his plane go over a few minutes ago.  It's early.  It shouldn't be landing for another ten or fifteen minutes, but I know it's his.  That invisible string that connects us at the heart just stopped pulling quite so tight.

I feel like a kid at Christmas.  Actually - I really do - because the best part of Christmas was when Dee Dee and Uncle Ken and Bekah arrived from New Brunswick.  Ahh.  That sweet clamour for hugs and more hugs and sitting down at the table for board games and laughs long into the night.  The lights were up, the tree was lit, but family arriving?  Yes ... now it's Christmas.
And now that I'm an adult, I hear it all the time.  Are your parents coming? Any family planning to be in town for Christmas?  It's not about thoughtfully purchased gifts or skilfully decorated homes.

The best gifts are always people who love us.

Because that First, Best gift? A Person who loves us.

God bless you and your people at Christmas, friends.

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