Saturday, December 10, 2016

What Kachi Knows

This afternoon, Pascal was coughing.  Kachi looked up from his play and said, "God bwess you, Pa'cal."

Then Pascal fussed a little bit, and Kachi rushed over.

"It okay, Pa'cal," he crooned, swiping his sturdy little toddler-hands across Pascal's head in a bumbling but good-hearted caress, "it me. It me.  I all here.  I all here."

Because even just-turned-two Kachi knows that the first comfort, the best comfort, is the assurance that we aren't alone.

And Christmas is this annual comfort, this sweet reminder that God reached out and came to us.

Immanuel.  God.  With us.
It's okay.  It's okay.  Jesus came.

God with us. 

God bless you, friends, and Merry Christmas.

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