Saturday, July 24, 2010

bathroom break

last thursday night i was at work, busily opening boxes and hanging/arranging clothes. i was listening to my ipod, waving at patrick every now and then (he'd been called in to cover another guy's shift, so we got to work together) ... just having an all round good night. (i love when i get to unpack an order - it's a lot of work, but it keeps my mind more engaged than when i'm just straightening and cleaning the department).

so it's a little while after break, and i realize i have to pee. i dash upstairs to the staff washroom, which really creeps me out. sometimes it seems like i can hear someone else in there, but i'm all alone. i blame it on the vents, but i have no idea.

i reach for the t.p. ... and there isn't any!! and i was totally alone - in spite of the freaky sounds - and i've never ever ever met anyone else in the bathroom. there are only 2 other girls on nightshift, and i had seen them both making bathroom trips before me.

thankfully, i had my phone (it's my ipod too - i don't randomly take my phone to the bathroom like a textaholic jr. high kid) and patrick's boss had called earlier in the day, so the store phone # was on my phone ...
eventually, i got patrick, and he came and rescued me.

my knight in shining toilet paper.


  1. That's what you have old receipts in your purse for. I don't think they're good for anything else. If they weren't toilet paper back-up, what would they give them to you for anyway? And why would you keep them?

  2. if i had my purse in the bathroom while i was at work, this would be a good tip. it's just not something i carry around with me - my hands are full with my box cutter and order checklist. neither of which were particularly helpful ...

  3. Whoa. My brain immediately went searching for ideas on how to use the box cutter, because I am Dad's daughter and compulsive that way, but then I realized that was taking things too far. You're right. There's nothing you could do with a box cutter and order checklist. Good call on phoning Patrick.

  4. ... and next time spot before you squat!! LOL