Sunday, July 18, 2010

boo to pcos

pcos is kicking my butt.

inspired by my brother in law, i got a pedometer and have walked 12000 steps/day for a week. it's been fun, and i've felt pretty pumped that i'm probably doing something good for my body.

knowing my pcos-iness, i didn't want to hope that my week of walking made me lose weight ... but i at least hoped that i'd be able to maintain.

i freaking gained five pounds. ugh.

anyway, i'm going to keep walking. i've loved it, and it feels like a little victory every day when i see 12000 on my screen :). if you have any words of encouragement, send them my way. i need 'em.


  1. keep up hopes! if all else fails, know that you are still my favourite. :)

  2. You might be gaining muscle, which is heavier than fat, but burns fat to maintain itself. It that case, wait a few weeks.

    If not, you're still cute.

    (As a great big bonus, there's no oozing infection devouring your face.)

  3. Also, I can think of many tiny women who are waaaay less lovely than you. I wouldn't trade the you that is you for anything!!

    ps. you look great. seriously great.

  4. thanks guys. i love you.

  5. keep walking Janelle! you're doing a great thing for your body pcos or not!! I'm with Joanne, you look great. seriously great. and I love you very much! And I don't want to be anonymous but I don't know how to post comments otherwise... love, Mama Carole xox