Tuesday, July 27, 2010

twelve thousand steps

i'm still doing 12000 steps per day.
but i've been ignoring the scale because i'm afraid that it will discourage me. :)

i want to keep going. having my pedometer to keep track is such a fun little way to get my exercise in, and it makes me conscious of being active - and gives me motivation to keep at it.

sometimes it seems overwhelming - especially when i've been slogging through the day and haven't gotten a lot of steps and suddenly it's dark out and i've got to ramble all over the city ...

but i'm always glad when i do it. i can go different routes - and i can break it up in big or small chunks - i can listen to music or sermons or just listen to the sounds of the city - i can walk with friends or my sisters or mom or my amazing and handsome husband (my fave!) ...

it's pretty fun. three cheers for my pedometer!

1 comment:

  1. hey dear little friend! thanks for writing this :) i'm so proud of you!!!