Thursday, July 8, 2010


it's been so hot and sticky in kap this week that no one wants to do anything. in between naps and yummy meals, leanne & i raced through the deck of taboo cards, trying to see how many we could get right before the timer went off. (we would have just played the game properly, but no one wanted to play with us. after four years, our husbands no longer think the brownie points are worth it ...)

our average # of cards per timer = 5.
our maximum # of cards per timer = 8. we were shooting for 10, but just couldn't quite get it.

anyway, we still had a lot of fun. here are some of our favorite definitions - feel free to send me your guesses!

1. a snicker that is small and happy.
2. land bumps that sound like a cat (and i got this ... after a bit more coaching).
3. lots of naughty sexy women in the desert.
4. salad dressing - the place where the things that go moo and the things that go neigh live.
5. corn on the ___ and the things that critters with 8 legs build.

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