Monday, May 2, 2011

packing&moving part 3

sorry to be so long finishing this series!  i've been away, and just got back and settled.  (i spent a few hours cleaning tonight and it feels so good to be in my own home!)  this is the last installment in packing&moving, days 7-10.

day 7: clothes.  moving is a great opportunity to thin the herd.  while we pack, patrick & i always make sure we're filling up bags for donating as well as filling boxes for moving.  two tips:
1) set aside all the clothes you'll wear until moving day, then you won't have to worry from now til then.
2) pack all your favorite clothes first.  by the time you get to the less-favorite ones, you'll be less inclined to find a place to pack them, and they'll go more easily into the donation bag.

day 8: dishes&linens.  assuming a 10-day packing schedule, where day 10 is Moving Day, you now have 2 days left at home.  buy disposable dishes & utensils for the next few days and pack up your dishes.  Use your towels & linens to protect against breakage.  we liked to:
1) pack like dishes together.  it makes organizing in the new place so much easier.
2) pack any non-dish-protecting linens & bedding in a bag - it makes for lighter carrying on day 10.

day 9: cleaning supplies & dismantling day.  although this is cleaning day, there's bound to be stuff left to pack, and today is probably the hardest day to deal with.  so if there's anything left to pack, get it out of the way quickly and then clean.  :). we found that:
1) when dismantling furniture, it's easy to keep track of screws & things if you put them in a baggie taped to the furniture with packing tape.  (make sure the baggies are labeled in case they become separated from their furniture in the move.)
2) clean absolutely everything you can, even though there are likely boxes & dismantled furniture in the way.  you'll rest well and be less hassled on day 10.
3) pack up all your cleaning supplies at the end of the day, except a few rolls of paper towels, spray cleaner, and a broom.  you're done.

day 10: Moving Day!  happy hefting - enjoy the extra bicep exercise & count your blessings if you have good friends.

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  1. a good friend will help you move. a great friend will help you move a body. i guess that makes you a great friend. ;)