Friday, August 19, 2011


this afternoon, i took sam for a walk in his stroller.  he was chewing happily away on his bugaloop, and i was impressed with his ability to get it into his mouth and keep it there.  his motor skills are really coming along.

anyway, we were almost home when i decided to give his gums a check (because he's been sporting tooth-bumps for a loooong time, and i was getting impatient).

AND I FOUND A TOOTH!! a tiny, freshly-broken-through tooth.  i was so excited that i had to tell the next people i saw.  two guys were biking toward me, and i called out "my son just got his first tooth!"  and they (very very nicely!) congratulated me and stopped to smile at my one-tooth-wonder.

they looked into his stroller and grinned.  like this:

the irony pretty much made my day. 

rock on, toothless nice guys.  rock on.


  1. ok - this post made me laugh! too funny :) Congratulations on Sam's first tooth!!

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  3. hahahahahahahaha really???? That is so funny!
    Congrats for the first tooth!
    Love you my friend

  4. Hahaha!!! I love it!! Harry was of of town when Mac got his first tooth and I was so excited I called my brother in law and told him. And we aren't that close. Pretty sure he though I was a weirdo.

  5. SUCH a great story! And congrats Sam-man on your first lil toothy! All that hard work is starting to pay off ;)

  6. ah ha!! I love it! way to go Samm!!

  7. Oh my goodness, Janelle! I am sitting at my computer...all by myself...laughing my head off! You have such a gift of seeing (and being able to aptly describe) the quirky parts of life. Love and hugs XOXO