Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wins & fails

yesterday was not the most spectacular day.
sam and i had 2 (pretty awesome) wins, but they were offset by 2 (pretty sucky) fails. 

sam's been trying SO HARD to crawl.  for a long time, he's been able to get his bum up in the air and squirm forward on his face. he is pretty hardcore for a five month old.
like i said ... hardcore.

yesterday, he figured out how to prop himself way up on his arms while his bum is up in the air.  no more crawling on his face?  winning!

unfortunately, once he got himself all propped up on his hands and knees, the only direction he could go: backward.  he growled angrily at his toys as he tried to get closer to them and they just got farther away.  fail :(.

in the afternoon, patrick texted me that one of his coworkers wanted to pay me to make him a braid.  doing something i love and getting paid?  winning!

this is a braid.
i knew patrick would be super-duper hungry after a long day of digging trenches, so i thoughtfully decided to turn some leftovers into a delicious casserole.
it was so delicious i only had a few bites.  patrick hammered through a serving (he was starving, and didn't want to join me in my plan b.  plan b was popcorn.), but admitted it was pretty bad.  then we both ended up fighting for the bathroom. and canceled our evening plans. 

greeting my hard-working husband with the Grossest Casserole Ever and a side of Rumbles?  fail.

here's hoping today will be a better day.


  1. oh Janelle! I love you :D
    so now when i say you never made anything yet that i didn't like, it won't be true anymore. haha. :)
    but one time in five years isn't so bad.

  2. Hey one case of the rumbles in five years sounds like an awesome record to me. I'm pretty sure I make something that Harry doesnt like once a month and that's saying a lot bc he'll eat anything!