Wednesday, August 17, 2011

look out, haterz!

last night, i dreamed that rebecca black turned nineteen. 
(i just have to stop and let you know that the only time i ever listened to her song was when my friends were showing me how awful it was.  while i'm sure she's a very nice girl with questionable taste in lyrics, i've never really thought about her since then.)

so, i dreamed it was her birthday.
i gave her a bright orange cashmere sweater.

and i made this sign:

yup.  i spelled haters with a z.  

i think this beats out my dream earlier this month where i failed to save the world because i got 3 questions wrong on a multiple-choice quiz about jack black movies.  :S


  1. your dreams are nuts. NUTS I say!
    I didn't know who rebecca black was, so glenn sang me her song. I think I have heard it. Happy "unbirthday", friday-girl ;)