Saturday, August 13, 2011

maybe if i'd had some raspberry cordial?

my parents-in-law (awesomely!) lent us their car.  so now, when i want to go to the mall with sam, it's not a three-hour ordeal involving multiple layers of sunscreen, a case of water, a few yells for the crosswalk-ignoring-jerk,s and two diaper bags full of stuff.  (okay, that's a stretch, i refuse to be a stuff-laden mommy.  what doesn't fit in one bag stays home.)  but sometimes when i pack for a walk to the mall, it looks more like a camping trip than a shopping trip.

anyway, the other day i really really enjoyed driving to the mall, lifting the stroller out of the trunk, popping sam in, and strolling through the mall.  i wasn't sweaty, red-faced, windblown, or reeking of sunscreen.  in fact, i was probably smelling pretty good, since i'd even managed to keep sam occupied and had taken a shower in the morning.

i wasn't really in a hurry or anything, just enjoying my stroll, when i saw her.

she was pushing a stroller out of a clothing store.  she, too, looked relaxed and happy to be in the mall.  she just looked like the right sort of person.  tall.  happy.  a newish mom.  she even had freckles.  she smiled, and i smiled back. 

and then she was gone.

i wish i had thought to stop and admire her baby.  we could have bonded over the sweetness of our sleeping angels, the ridiculous price of diapers, and the lusciousness of mallwide air conditioning. 

i really want a mom-friend, a tall one, a happy one, with freckles!  i want someone to hang out with who also smells like spit-up instead of fresh laundry.  someone who gets a little euphoric at being around a whole store full of adults with the potential for grown-up conversation.  someone who is a stay-at-home mom, so we can hang out in between breakfast and supper.  someone who doesn't moan about calories when we go out to eat.  someone who's ready to laugh and tell funny stories about herself.  a kindred spirit.  an anne&diana friend.

next time i see her, i am so going to leap on that stroller and not let go until we're facebook friends.

or until security pulls me away and i'm banned from the mall for life.



  1. I totally understand the sentiment. :) Move to Timmins!!!

  2. Aww, wish you were closer Janelle so we could hang out with our babies! Story time at the library is a great place to meet moms.

  3. Aw, I'm sad for you. I remember those feelings SO well!! Our first winter/spring in Troy with just Lena and I all day was SO lonely! :( Since I don't have freckles, it would never work for us, even if we were neighbors (HAHAHA!!), so maybe try finding a MOMS Club! :)

  4. Come home!! Our sweet boys can be the best of friends. I'm not tall, but do have freckles. My days are also spent finding clothes for both he and I that aren't covered in drooled out goldfish crackers and have the faint smell of spit up. I'm not a stay at home mom, but would love to be and do have 5 days off at a time :)

    Love you Janelley and Sam!
    Love Courtney and Simon

  5. I pray you get a mommy friend soon. But in the meantime, you are good at these cute funny stories!


  6. Janelle,
    Wish we lived closer! Oliver and I would so love to hang with you and Sam!
    Love your blog!!!