Thursday, January 12, 2012

leaps and bounds

warning: this an entirely self-indulgent mommy post.

i just have to share.  my samjam is growing up so much.  we were playing away, when suddenly i realized he'd been walking most of the morning. 

he just took his first independent steps at christmas time, and now he's picking up his toys and walking across the living room like he's always done that.

*mind blown.*

other cute things he's doing these days:

kisses.  he loves to give tons and tons of drooly kisses.

looking at pictures of patrick online and laughing.

trying to blow raspberries on my belly.

leaping on pillows and burying his face in them when he's tired.

talking in his sleep.

eating like it's going out of style.

crawling really close, then looking up at me with the most winsome, heart-stealing smile.

singing to himself.

reading by himself.  (he almost always has the book upside down, and he studies it so intently.)

he's such a dear little chum!  i adore him, and thank God for him <3 .


  1. Awww they grow up waaay too fast!

  2. cutie! i want MORE self-indulgent mommy posts, please! xo