Friday, February 17, 2012

how was your morning?

patrick & i bought a new fridge. 

when we moved into our house, a fridge was included ... but it had been sitting for months, and was woefully moldy.  i scrubbed it top to bottom with lemon juice and baking soda, i used cloths and scrubbers and toothbrushes, i put little baking-soda dishes throughout, but nothing took away the moldy smell. 

we figure that there must be mold in the un-reachable, un-seeable spots.  it freaks me out, and i have not enjoyed cooking or eating anything from the fridge.

so we bought a new one!

it arrived this morning.  a lot earlier than planned.

i was talking on the phone with my sister, still in my pjs, and sam had just pooped.  my hair looked like several rats had been using it for nests in the night.

i figured that while they sorted their paperwork and unloaded the fridge, i had enough time to fix one of us.

yup.  i picked me.
with smoothed-down hair, jeans, and a sweater over my pj top, i figured i wouldn't look like the kind of lady who would carry a poopy baby around for ten minutes.  and i tried to keep his bum pointed away from their faces ;).

so now we have a clean fridge, a clean sam, and ...
er, i've got to run.


  1. oooh! new fridge - i was talking to you when you were scrubbing down the old one with a toothbrush. haha, i've had similar grungy experiences - mostly with me and the mail delivery lady. i feel your pain! xo