Monday, February 13, 2012


we shifted (as they say in zambia).

what i mean is, we moved.

not very far.  maybe a 10 minute drive, in traffic.  but the biggest and most exciting part of the move is ... we moved from a teensy tiny 1-bedroom apartment to a house with 3 bedrooms!

so i've been busy unpacking, scrubbing, and helping little samjam adjust to his new digs. 

he had a few rough nights - i'm sure sleeping all alone in a big strange room was hard for him, and i certainly didn't begrudge him the midnight sobs and snuggles.  he's settling in so well now, though!  he adores climbing up and down the stairs, and as there are sixteen of them, he's nicely worn out at bedtime.  he's been sleeping 12-13 hours in a stretch, now that he's used to his new room. 

and we've been having a wonderful sleep ourselves!  there's lots to do as we make this house a home, plus we have a room of our own again ... bliss.

tonight patrick put up our living room curtain rods, and we have the cutest new curtains.  they're kind of old fashioned - patterned and textured - but they stood out from all the plain curtains in the store, and i'm so so glad i bought them.

pictures to follow when i find my camera again ... ;).

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  1. I'm so excited for you - all three of you! I can't wait to visit :)