Tuesday, February 28, 2012


i remember reading in Reader's Digest about romeos, and after, always smiled to myself when i saw them.
not star-crossed younglings, but the acronymically ironic


they do. a lot.  i guess after a lifetime of leaving the house every day, it's hard to stay in.  and i bet their wives enjoy it too ;).

the past few times i've been out with sam, romeos have just fallen head over heels in love with him.  i don't blame them -  there's something really appealing and engaging about his big eyes, his quick smile, and his willing laugh.  he's the most winsome little guy.

this morning i drove patrick to work, then popped in to mcdonalds for a hashbrown.  (i know, bad breakfast.  but i've been craving one for days.) 

the fort william mcdonalds is a romeo mecca.  the tables were almost filled with them.  cute little old men with cups of coffee and muffins, sharing neighbourhood gossip.  as i stood in line, i could see a few more crossing the street, waving cheerily at their friends inside. 

one romeo came up to sam and oohed and aahed over him (how could he resist?).  sam smiled and laughed and gurgled at him.

"it's nice of you to bring your little brother out for breakfast," the romeo laughed, winning us both over.

i think i've found the happiest morning place in thunder bay. 
i'm going to sneak in some morning and stay, and maybe they'll adopt us both as honorary members of their romeo club.

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