Tuesday, February 21, 2012


patrick's work day starts at 7, so he's usually up and about by 545. 
some mornings i join him for breakfast, and we chat & read together until sam wakes up a little before 7.

this morning was not one of those mornings.  i was so tired i just couldn't get up that early.

so i sank back into sleep, and just before he left for work, patrick brought me a sweet bundle - a hungry sam, and a warm bottle already prepared.  it was so nice.  no staggering into a chilly kitchen to fumble in the bottle drawer.  no bleary-eyed waiting for the kettle to boil.  i didn't even have to get up.  i just laid in bed and cuddled sam while i fed him his bottle.

thank you, darling.  <3  you rock the world.


  1. ooh, sounds like you had a lovely snuggly morning! xo