Friday, September 28, 2012

Currently ...

Copying: Katie's post :D

Reading: gobs of pregnancy blogs.  This one has a neat perspective.

Watching: The Berenstain Bears: The Bears Get a Babysitter  (Well, actually, I'm watching Sam, and he's watching TBB.  My life is awesome.)

Listening: to the soothing sounds of an airplane droning overhead.  (We live in a flight path.  I almost don't hear them anymore.)

Drinking: an amazing combination!  Cranberry gingerale and apple juice over ice, with three sugared cranberries on top just for some sparkly fun.  With a matching straw, to keep things girly.

Dreaming: about Vava's arrival!  Soon, I hope!  Maybe she'll come on Grampie's birthday - Sunday?  Fingers crossed it won't be longer.

Thinking: that I should tie up the loose cardboard in the basement for recycling day next week.  But blogging is more fun, not gonna lie.

Planning: a date night tonight with Patrick!  Thanks Chrissy :).

Feeling: Vava's fierce little toes digging themselves a spot between my ribs.  Dear Darling, you already live in my heart - let's keep it metaphorical, yes?  

Wishing: my sisters were close by, especially as my due date draws closer!  Is there anything more magical than introducing your baby to the people you love most in all the world?

Creating: a gigantic grocery list.  Our romantic date night will probably involve some Samless shopping haha.

Hoping: to see my baby's face in the next few days!  She hid her face ever since week 12 - in spite of all the ridiculous ultrasounds I had, I have no clue what she looks like - and oh, I'm longing to see her!

Smelling: popcorn ... yes, I think a pregnant woman lives in my house.  And she may or may not have had popcorn for lunch.  

Missing: being out & about - Sam has been quarantined for 12 days!  Just 2 more and we're free.

Going: outside to play on the deck with the Jam.  Perhaps it's time for some chalk and basketball.

Discussing: this cool experiment.  What do you think of it?  Should I be scared?

How about you? What are you currently up to?  Paste your blog in the comments so I can read your 'Currently' too!


  1. You are too cute!

    Let's see. Reading: my Bible. Yup that's it. It's a good place to stay though ;)

    Doing: a million things. Today hopefully finishing the boys' bedroom.

    Wishing: for a TA so we could go to CHINA! :)

    with the fullest heart ever that I have a baby girl alive and healthy!

    Praying for you friend.

  2. Oh...and <3

  3. In bed with my iPad reading your blog
    Reading my Bible
    Having breakfast of ??
    Talking with Sophie
    Meeting with my friends at Timmy's
    Going to the nursing home with my friends to visit my friends
    Bake some goodies
    Share over coffee/tea and whatever goodie we make
    Go to Flo's viewing after 3
    Go home with Mom and Emily to make sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries for the funeral...