Monday, January 21, 2013

big enough

if you can accomplish your dreams on your own, they're not big enough.
(shared by rebecca over at heart cries.)

that's an awesome challenge.
it made me stop and think about my life.  are my dreams big enough, big enough to require the supernatural hands of my Father?

since we moved to thunder bay, our life has shifted radically.  we were planning on staying here for a brief eight months until patrick finished school.  we couldn't have children.  we only brought a few possessions, and moved into a tiny apartment to wait out the school year.

and then God changed everything.  we met sam's incredible birth mom, who chose us to be his parents.  we fell in love with our church family, whose warm hearts more than cancel out the coldest temperatures i've ever encountered.  our mindblowinglyawesome little sam was born and transformed every moment of every day.  patrick got a wonderful job.  we found a great house.  and vava came along, laughing at that foolish word impossible.

[we] ate and were filled and became fat [ha! yes!]
and delighted [ourselves] in Your Great Goodness.
(nehemiah 9:25)

we couldn't have done this on our own.  i am in awe when i stop and think of our life makeover.
it's all because of His varied grace.

the Almighty will be your gold and your 
precious silver.  for then you will
delight yourself in the Almighty
and lift up your face to God.
you will make your prayer to Him
and He will hear you
and you will pay your vows.
(job 22:25-27)

so i guess it's time to dream some bigger dreams.
i wonder what happens next?


  1. This reminds me of the miracles I've challenged my Sundayschool class to pray for in 2013. There are only a couple of guidelines: 1. Don't tell what miracle you're praying for. 2. Make it big enough that God receives glory - no circumstances; only God could have done it. 3. Ask for a miracle for someone other than yourself. 4. Commit to praying about it for the year.

    I can't wait to see what stories we'll have to share at the end of this year. So far I have 3 miracles I'm asking for. I started with one, but 2 more came along and I thought, "If God can do one miracle, why not 3?" I can't wait to share with you the amazing abundance of God. I love that he delights to show us Himself in this way.

    1. ooh, i can't wait to hear the other 2! what a great challenge :D