Friday, January 4, 2013


today is a special day!  our handsome sam-son is now 22 months, and little vava-love is twelve weeks old today :).

sam has been adoring blueberries lately.  he calls them bays and asks for them several times a day.  he eats them plain, mixed with oatmeal and peanut butter, stirred into yogurt, or along with any other fruit.  when we were in halifax, and his little routine was topsy turvy and everything was new and different, we could always be sure of feeding him bays.  

he's been just a bit more cuddly since our trip, too.  he's been coming to sit on my lap a few times a day, bringing me books and enjoying some quiet snuggles.  i don't know if it's a new stage, or if he appreciates the security after a whirlwind trip, but i am loving it.  he's the most precious little guy.

vava is changing in leaps and bounds - and while she can't yet leap or bound, she's certainly trying!  she kicks her gorgeous legs and waves her fierce arms as if she's trying to keep up with samjam.  she coos and calls out and smiles like a sky full of sunshine when we talk to her.

before we left for halifax she was sleeping ~9 hours a night, and while we were there she started doing 12 hours.  i am so so grateful to have two wonderful little sleepers who are so much fun to play with during the day, and so delicious to kiss goodnight!

happy 22+twelve, babies!  we love you!

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  1. Oh, how we love them too, as well as loving their Mom & Dad! It certainly was a whirlwind time but we are so happy that you could come. I am sure your two darlings will be a lot more grown up the next time we see them.