Saturday, January 12, 2013

my character wart

i have an ugly character wart.

well, a lot of them, actually, but one that keeps coming back.

i try really hard to get rid of it, and sometimes i succeed and then suddenly i find it back again and more stubborn than ever.

this morning i was reading proverbs 31 in the amplified bible, to get a fresh perspective on it.  (i've been reading it all week, so the words were just kind of too-familiar and running together this morning.)

the amplified verse 12 seemed especially challenging (the 'him' is her husband.  or patrick, in my case):

actually, the amplified version is a little bit longer; i shortened it to fit in my little car-card.  it really goes like this: she comforts, encourages, and does him only good as long as there is life within her.  

and this is hard for me, not because i want to be mean or bring evil upon patrick, but because my character wart is this:

i am a horribly unconscious, utterly stinktastic backseat driver.

which might sound kind of funny but not if you're patrick.

so today when i read verse 12, i heard God point out what the verse doesn't say.

so i made up a little car-card to remind me.  and i'm going to put it in the car, so i can ride around with it and have absolutely no excuse for forgetting.

i want to do good to patrick.  (he more than deserves it!)
God asks it of me.  because i'm His, and He wants me to carry His character ...

and He, of course, is good.


  1. Oh, dear! My daily desire is to carry His character, but that old nature in me always pushes the self in me to the forefront and I end up displaying the nature of the sinful one instead. Let's pray for each other. We both have husbands who deserve the best and a God who deserves better that we can ever give. xoxo

  2. What a cool idea with the car! And by the way, I have never before heard of a "character wart". Did you make that up?? Because it is both hilarious and genius!