Friday, May 24, 2013

cute scraps

yesterday, vava gave me her first kisses.  we were out for dinner at our friends' place, and she decided it was the opportune time.  i loved it.

sam has started this new thing, where he says no really long and drawn out.  i was wondering where he heard it, until my neighbour said it to him this morning when he saw him climbing.  nooooooooooo.  haha.  little copier.

the other night, one of the kids cried out in their sleep.  i wasn't sure who, so i tiptoed in to check on them.  they were both sound asleep, and facing each other from their separate cribs on opposite ends of the room.  i tucked their blankets around them and left ... too much cuteness to bear :).

sam calls boots "doots" and shoes "shoo-iss".  he loves bubbles and calls them b'balls.

vava's a pro at saying words that begin with b - bye-bye, bottle, and boo! :D  she wants to do everything her big brother does, and i think it won't be too long before she's scooting around after him. 

when they wake up from nighttime or naps, they just want to be in each others' faces, giggling and hugging.  i love these nuggets!

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  1. Ahhhh, such a cute post! I love the little stories, especially how Sam and Vava are learning to speak and give kisses, haha.