Wednesday, May 29, 2013


dear sam and vava:
today is may 29, 2013.  your new cousin miquella was born today!  it feels like the two of you were just born yesterday, so i wanted to take a minute to savour what you're like before i blink and you're standing in front of me with your own kids in your arms.

sam, you are almost 27 months old ... 2 years and 3 months! wow.  you're sitting on the couch right now, watching the incredibles before bed.  you love the running and throwing and laughing. 
this afternoon you came running across the yard to me, gleeful, with a dandelion in each hand.  i was thrilled - was my baby boy actually bringing me flowers, unprompted by papa?  you ran fast, zoomed up onto the deck and stood in front of me.  you yelled something excitedly, then stuffed a dandelion into both of your ears, and spread your arms wide.  "ta-dah!"  you announced.  you were so proud of yourself.  i love every silly inch of you :).
after supper tonight, vava was lying on the floor, kicking her feet and waving her arms.  you helped her roll over and over, all by yourself.  she loved it.  you're such a helper!
a minute ago, you looked up from the movie and we had this funny chat.
     me: sam, do you want to go to bed?
     you (adamantly): no!
     me: sam, do you want to put on your jams?
     you (adamantly): no!
     me: sam, do you want mama to read you your bedtime story?
     you (adamantly): no!
     me (laughing): sam, do you want a pinch on the bum?
     you (compliantly): yes.
oh sam.  i love you so so much.  thanks for being so much fun.

vava, you are seven and a half months old.  you are absolutely amazing.  you can say mama, papa, bye-bye, hi, boo, bottle, and ham (which means sam).  you wave whenever you hear hi or bye-bye, and you clap when someone says yay.  you can roll over and over, and you love to take steps while i hold your hands.  you adore music and singing and whistling.  you're really content and you like to just hang out.   
earlier, you were sitting on a blanket on the bathroom floor.  you discovered that you can put your hands on the linoleum and pull yourself forward.  you scooted the whole way across the bathroom like that.  you little champ.

so.  that's what you're like right now.  delicious and adorable and wonderful.  and sometimes we drive each other crazy, but always always always we're happy to be together.

time to put on your jams ... 

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  1. Oh I want to hug those kids RIGHT NOW!!
    J+P=best parents ever (besides mine, of course).