Sunday, May 5, 2013

street sweet

couldn't go to bed without popping online and telling you about our night!  we went out for a walk, and the street looked empty.  we didn't see anyone the whole length of the street.  but we started out anyway.

when we got to the second-last block, two girls came around the corner and started walking up the street.  when they passed us, we said hi - they said hi back - and then smiled all recognize-y and said "sup?"  :D 
and on our way back, we passed them at their usual post, and stopped for a quick chat.  they asked if we were sisters :)  we told them we get that a lot.

oh, i'm so glad they were comfortable chatting with us!  i just want to be friends.
and i feel like they feel like they know us - at least, we're familiar -
and they like us!
and i think they get that we like them too.

God bless you, girls! 


  1. Bless you and bless your efforts sweet girl.
    Mama C xoxo

  2. so proud of you... and so glad those girls realize they can chat with you... I know they will see your heart... and through your heart - God's heart. x0x