Friday, August 1, 2014

2681 to 2690

2681. Sam's delight in meeting our neighbours' new baby. "I love him! Want to pat him."
2682. A loungy, happy morning in our friends' backyard.
2683. Vava telling me her dinosaurs are sisters, and making them kiss.
2684. A belly-band for this low baby.
2685. Unashamedly crying at a birth scene in a funny movie.
2686. Sam and Vava greeting me ecstatically when I came back from the washroom at the store.
2687. Finding a 14-day freezer meal plan.
2688. Running into the amazing nurse who cared for Vava & me.
2689. Patrick manning the kids at supper so I could lie on the couch.
2690. Spicy vegetable soup ... ahh just right.

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