Friday, August 1, 2014

Dinosaurs in Heaven & Super Why

One of Sam & Vava's favourite shows lately is Super Why.  It's got singing, spelling, reading, and heroes who change the story to solve the problem and save the day.  Sam's a pretty clever problem solver himself, so I can see why he likes it. 

A few months ago, Sam wanted an apple for his bedtime snack.  Apples give him a really big burst of energy, so Patrick suggested a banana instead.  "No," Sam insisted, "it says in my story - Sam has an apple." Patrick laughed at his smarts, but replied, "I'm changing the story - now it says Sam has a banana."  And that was that.  They'd both seen enough Super Why to know the drill.

On the way home from driving Patrick to work today, Sam was asking about dinosaurs, and he wanted to go see them. I told him they were all dead and he was so disappointed and kind of angry.  I asked if he thought there were any dinosaurs in heaven, and then I had to explain where heaven was, that it was God's home.

I told him that we couldn't go there, because we have sins.  He told me this made him sad. Then I told him that God was sad about that too, because He wanted us to go live with Him and know Him, so He took our sins away.
"No!" sam yelled, "MY sins!"  (He was mad that God took his sins away.)  So then I explained that sins are all the bad things we do, like hitting and pushing and being naughty, that make God sad, even more sad than they make mama.  And I said something about all our sins not being allowed in heaven. 

"They CAN go in," Sam said, "change the story."

So then i told him how God is the Author, and He DID change the story.  Instead of "Sam has to carry his own sins" it was "God carried Sam's sins" so that Sam could go to heaven.

He was happy with that.

"I want to go there NOW," he said.

Me too, kid. 
Me too :).

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  1. You did a really good job explaining it to him! I struggle sometimes with answering Mac's questions because I don't want to use clichés or "christian slang" and you've done it really well here!! Go mama!!