Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2861 to 2870

2861. A chance to read my Bible while my kids were awake, and actually pay attention to what I was reading.
2862. A great catch-up chat with one of my Tbay big sisters.
2863. Sam and Vava having so much fun with their friends I pushed lunch and naps back an hour... with no meltdowns!
2864. Supper cooking in my crockpot while I napped.
2865. Checking an errand off my list.
2866. Playing at the park with Sam and Vava and Patrick.
2867. Sam's sweet response. I told  him I was so glad God gave him to me, and he hugged me close and lovingly (if ungrammatically) replied "so do I!"
2868. A washer and dryer in my house, cleaning and fluffing our clothes :).
2869. My gorgeous husband kissing me goodnight.
2870. Baby K clearly preparing himself for a career in gymnastics or mountain climbing.

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