Monday, August 25, 2014

2911 to 2920

2911. Vava and her friend screaming with happiness to see each other.
2912. The kids washing the chalk wall with sponges - so much easier than rags!
2913. My sister and I dressing in matching outfits - 3800 km apart :).
2914. Sam riding his trike like a pro around Vava and her bare toes.
2915. Sam saying bear food for bare foot ... "I wanna be bear food mama!"
2916. Sam trying to explain why Jesus died on the cross ... "dinosaur bit him?" (... we had a little chat.)
2917. Patrick painting with the kids after supper.
2918.  Vava in a diaper and bib, gleefully painting a whole picture blue.
2919. Realizing how close we are to baby K's birth ... ahh soon!
2920. Treats from our sweet neighbours.

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