Saturday, December 20, 2014


I felt such a happy little spark as I was unloading groceries from the car tonight.  We're throwing a Christmas party tomorrow, and there's just something so exciting and happy about planning good things for others.  Will they feel loved as they bite into a white chocolate peanut butter cookie?  Will the twinkly lights and scented candles set festivity alight?  Will Christmas music and conversation make them glad?

I want to set the scene and provide the ingredients for a happy neighbourhood, good friendships.  I want to spread a little good cheer.  I want to soak up moments with my friends at their best, most sparkly with joy.

I think that the heart of God must have beat glad with anticipation.  Excitement that Mary would soon look on His face, kiss His soft head.  Glad joy at the prospect of shepherds receiving with awe the good news.  Triumph that He would fill the longing of everyone hungry for a Redeemer.  See the light dawn as we receive His best gift.

I love that God spreads out His arms and invites the whole world to Christmas.

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