Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Clever Princess Vava

Lately, Vava hasn't been calling me mama.  Instead, she calls me Rider. Sam is Chase, Patrick is Rubble, and Kachi is Zuma.  We call her Marshall.

They're all characters from her fave show, Paw Patrol.  It's about a team of talking pups who help people in trouble and save the day.

She pretends all day long.  It's really precious.  This morning she spent more than half an hour standing on the back of the couch reaching up the wall, imagining she was on her firetruck ladder, rescuing kitten after kitten stuck in a tree (a LOT of kittens).  When she woke up from her nap this afternoon, the first thing she asked was "where's Chase? Zuma?"

She and Sam have also created an imaginary family, closely based on reality, made up of Dragon Mama, Dragon Papa, Stinky Kachi, Brave Sam, and Clever Princess Vava.  One of her favourite bedtime stories is the one where Clever Princess Vava and Brave Sam rescue Monkey and Zebra from having fallen in a hole.  (They use her necklace as a rope to lift them out.)

She loves being a hero.  It's really sweet hearing her soft voice asking "you okay?" when one of us gets hurt.  I absolutely adore her brave and tender heart, and I love that she sees herself as the rescuer.

She walks in the truth of that beautiful story - the story of the Baby, the Hero, who came a long way down to save the world.

It's built right in, isn't it? 

His bright goodness is always going to captivate our hearts.  The story of our Rescuer pierces dark history, plants hope in eager soil, blossoms wild and bright.  It's what we love about Christmas - wise men venturing long; old prophets clinging; heartbroken husband trusting; brave girl daring to say yes; Son of God seeking the lost ...

May your heart beat brave this Christmas, friends: our Rescuer has come! 


  1. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Remember your imaginary families, Janelle? I love this precious real family of yours ! And I love your writings. I wish I could have them all collected together in a book.

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