Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yes, Switchfoot -

My lovely friend, I'm praying for you.

Your heart, stretched and tired
Like crumpled paper.

(Mine too.)

It seems like one batch of trouble
Barely ends
Before another one
Is bubbling over.

I've always thought it strange
The tense He used, when 
(Before the cross)
He assured His disciples about troublesome days to come.

In this world you will have trouble
But -
Take heart;
I have overcome the world.

Not I shall, but
I have overcome.
Before the cross.

Could it be
That He overcame the world
Just by being?

(My daughter was asking about shadows
And I found myself explaining that nothing casts a shadow on the sun.
Light and dark cannot dwell together.
Light always trumps dark.)

In His sheer existence, He
- Incorruptible, Glorious, True - 
Overcomes the world
And all its trouble.

When the world presses in
And you just want to hide under your pillow
And tell everyone you aren't home -
I pray that you will find the deepest soul-rest
In His sheer existence
And that the message of incorruptible triumph
Will resonate from beyond Bethlehem's manger:

In this world you will have trouble
But -
Take heart;
I have overcome the world!

ps: this song.

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