Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let Every Heart

My lovely, wonderful, smart, gorgeous, amazing niece arrived today.
I haven't seen her for two years.  TWO YEARS!  She's here for almost a week, and it's better than a treeful of presents. 
I keep calling Vava by her name.  Seeing them together is kind of bending my mind a bit, because I remember adoring spending time with her when she was Vava's age - smart as a whip, and unbelievably cute - except now she's the age I was back then.  It's weird how time folds in on itself.
I got her room ready last night.  I put a zillion blankets on her bed, because our guest room is chilly.  I filled up the humidifier, emptied the garbage can, fluffed the pillows.  I found out what some of her favourite foods are and made sure to have them on hand. It made me so happy to get things ready for her.
And that's Advent, isn't it - preparing room for Him, getting my heart in order to celebrate and welcome His arrival. It reminds me to pause and ask if I'm preparing Him room every day.  Taking time to do what He loves - show mercy, generosity, hospitality?  Love my brothers and sisters?  Forgive, and seek forgiveness? 
I've got sparkly lights up all through my house, but what I really need to do is make sure His light is glowing in this corner of the dark world, for His glory and my blessing and the blessing of those around me.
And unlike my tree, that is the kind of Christmas decoration I want to leave up all year round ;). 

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  1. aahh... so good.
    Enjoy your quality niece time! So glad she is there with you as a pre-Christmas gift :) :)