Monday, April 26, 2010

(first) two good choices

thanks for all the feedback! way to get me motivated :)

my two good choices today:
one: i made a smoothie for breakfast instead of toast & cheese.
two: i made low-fat coleslaw and ate it before anything else with lunch (so i wouldn't be tempted to say i'm too full to eat my veggies).

i'm looking forward to adding some exercise choices this week. i'd like to keep it fun - maybe a swim at the pool with a kind friend?

i've got a reward in mind to help keep me focused on my goal: i want to fit back into the luscious black & white dress katie gave me 2 years ago when we first moved here. it swishes and swirls but doesn't look painfully princessy. i love it.

keep me posted if you have any good ideas and suggestions.
bobble, i'm planning to integrate a walk into my day tomorrow - thanks for the inspiration!

jen, i'll let you know if i EVER get to bed before 10pm. does it count if i'm going to bed at 4am? that's technically before 10pm ...

joey, thanks for the chicken pieces! they will make healthy eating so much easier :) i love you.

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